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Pilot Custom built
Pilot Custom built

Price: $225.00

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These pilots are hand crafted one by one, and like everything else custom built in this world, Each one is a little different then the last but ready to install reciever, battery and get to flying. 

Each Pilot is built using the same Heavy Duty servos we sell on the site, with internal  on and off Switch and Body Pre-weights installed...  Fully Bench tested!

NOTE-  I can only build so many pilots at a time, but orders will be filled in the order they are recieved so please be patient.

Pilot with 2 servos, On/off switch, and brake connection points installed ready to strap in and Fly.

Needed to complete:

-4.8volt 4 cell battery pack (Installs in the harness)
-Reciever/transmitter (installs in harness or on back of pilot)
-Free-flight harness
-Uzi Wing